Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thoughts of The Day XXXIX

1. "In life,there are people better than you,there are people worse than you.But there will never be one who is u.....!"Stay Special Stay Cool.!

2. In success and failure,.,.. in sunshine and rain, ...,... in prosperity and adversity,...,,.,,. be at peace with the world and with yourself.,,.

3. My eyes do not show tears, It doesnt mean my heart doesn't cry,I often pretend I am happy coz Smiling is easier than explaining Why I am Sad.....

4. Luv is d soul's recognition of its counter part in others "Be dis, Be dat" is not luv,"Be anything but Be mine" is luv

5. Anyone who proposes to do good must not expect people to roll stones out of his way, but must accept his lot calmly, even if they roll a few stones upon it.

6. Highly disapointing situations ...
A. Ur Bstfrnd weds ur lovr.
B. a close frnd avoiding without reason.
C. 10mark question askd for 2mark.
D. Principal sittin near u on tour.
E. Xtremly gud lukin guy/gal crosing u wn u r wit ur mom/dad.
F. Teachrs distributing ur test paprs in front f ur juniors.
G. frnd calling on b'day n not wishing.
H. dear one suddenly stopped msging.

7. Attitude Rocks:"Care for the people, who deserve It..""B'coz We r not Jokers to entertain everybody...."

8. Its right thought...
"Kisi ko pane k liye humari sari khubiya bhi kam pad jati hai...
Khone k liye ek kami hi kaafi hai...

9. If we can regard other's happiness as our own, then ours will most satisfying & richest life.


11. "Argument Is Bad,But,
Discussion Is Good,

12. Natural Stupidityis always better thannArtificial Inteligence!!

13. The Basic Rule in any kind of Relationship:Occupy only the Space they give U..
If U try 2 occupy more..
More the Chances of..being Thrown Out..!!!!

14. Behind Every Successful Luv There Is A Friendship. But Behind Every Separated Friendship There Is A Love

15. MAN 2 GOD-what is the dif. btwn Ur Love & My Love?GOD smiled & replied"A Fish in Water,Bird in SKY is My LOVE!A Fish in Plate,Bird in Cage is Ur Love

16. The most important thing in life is to LOVE someone; the second is to find someone to love you; The 3rd is to have the 1st and the 2nd happen at the same time.

17. Many people can make you smile or even laugh But it takes someone very special to make you smile while you already have tears in your eyes-

18. Sum1 has wisely said that the Heart is a fertile place...Anything planted there will grow for sure...
Whether its..

LOVE.. or HATRED..:-)

19. Perfect Lines 4 Life Time ~What Ever Relation You Build Up In This World , The Only Thing Remains At Last Is The Loneliness With Lots & Lots Of Memories..

Thoughts of The Day XXXVIII

1. 4 facts of life:Nvr say sorry 2 1 who likes U,Nvr say bye 2 1 who needs U,Nvr blame 2 1 who realy trusts U &Nvr forget the1 who alway remembr u...

2. The Right Temperature in a Relationship is Maintained by warm Hearts,not by HOT Heads.."

3. It doesn't take a reason 2 love sum1 but it does 2 like sum1.... U don't love sum1 bcoz u want 2... U love sum1 bcoz u r destined too....:-)

4. "the size of candles may differbut they yield d same brightness.its not the matter of ur position ,but ur ability 2 shine". .:-):-)

5. Dont feel bitter tht people remembr u only when they need u.Feel privleged that u r like a candle tht cums to mind wen der is darknes in der life!..

6. Life is like a coin. pleasure and pain are the 2 sides,only one side visible at time,but remember other side also waiting for its turn...

7. CLASSIC SAYING:if someone asks you whom you want to be with you for your entire life..Simply say.."someone who can understand that i am not perfect"

8. Best msg to think upon:::If you don't act foolish while you are young.....You won't have anything to smile about when you are old....!:-)

9. Unique Truth No one can Touch words,Bt Words do touch one's Heart & Soul.We R masters of our unspoken words & Slaves of our Spoken words....

10. Hilarous bt romantic lines by a flirt 2 his bf:"I luv u so much dat i c ur face in othr boys n so i cant stop myslf frm lovin dem also"

11. Ek Buddhe Kisaan ne apne bete ko jail me khat likha - "Beta me Aaloo ki fasal nhi bo sakta, kyuki itna bada Khet mujhse nhi Khudega Kash tu meri madad kr pata"Bete ne wapas jawaab diya -"Pitaji aap Khet mt khodna maine waha hathiyar chupa rakhe hai."Police ko pta chalte hi.........Agle din Police force ne poora Khet khod dala pr Hatiyar nhi mile...Bete ne fir baap ko likha-"Pitaji yaha se mai itni hi madad kr...

12. I Was Told Nt 2 Hurt D Heart Of Whom I Love,.But Wen I Was So Busy Taking Care of othrs Hearts,.I Nvr Noticd....MINE WAS BLEEDING !!!!

13. 2golden lines of lyf:"Dont luv d cheatable heart"''Dont cheat d loveable heart"2best lyns of lyf:"Ice melts wen heated""Eyes melts wen cheated".

14. Everyday Starts With Some Expectations.ButEnds With Some Experience.That's Life.:-)

15. Life k 3 ajib level

A. College:
Time h, dost h, Par Paisa nhi

B. Office:
Dost h, Paisa h, Pr Time nhi

C. Budhapa:
Time h, Paisa h, Pr dost nhi.

Thoughts of The Day XXXVII

1. The best medicine in the world without any side effect is a "SMILING FACE".I Pray that this medicine be always with U..

2. Attitude reloaded:-Dont say;"No one likes me!"Just say;"No one is like me!"Live with guts!Keep smile on ur face to avoid problms!

3. Few years b4 ppl used to wake up & 1st see GOD's imageNow a days ppl wake up & 1st see how many msgs & missed calls r there :-)gud af frnds..strange but true

4. A Poster Showing A Fish Caught On A Hook With The Caption Read: ..."Even A Fish Would Have Stayed Out Of Trouble If It Had Kept Its Mouth Shut.." :-D

5. A very meaningful thought of humanity - "U can hurt a heart only til it loves u, Not after it"

6. Jo Safar Ki Shuruat Karte Hai,Woh Manzil Ko Paar Karte Hai,Bas 1 Baar Chalne Ka Hosla Rakhiye,Ache insano Ka To Raste Bhi intzar Karte Hai.

7. It is said that when a woman closes her eyes, she sees the person she love the most; and when a man does that... the slide show begins. :)

8. Always speak the truth, no matter how bitter and harsh it is:-.......and run immediately after speaking it... :-)

9. True bonding 4 frnd s nt measured by d time spent together or d favours done 4 each other,bt 4 d comfort u find wen u realise u hve each othr...

10. F'ship is not History2 4get.It is not Math2 calculate.It is not English2 learn.F'ship is like a Tamil film.No need 2 undrstnd jst ENjoy!

11. DEVELOP 5 THINGS:*Mind which never Minds*Heart which never Hurts*Brain which never Drains*Touch which never Pains*Relation which never Ends....@

12. Great man said, " I cried wen i hd no shoes, bt i stoppd cryin wen i saw a man without legs"Life is full of blessing, sumtimes v dnt undrstnd.!.

13. Every little smile can touch somebody's heart...May u find 100s of reasons to smile today..May u be the reason for someone else to smile.

14. THEORY OF LIFE:-If U want to enjoy always think today is the First day.But if U want to achieve something always think today is the Last day...

15. Success Is a Vehicle Which Moves On a Wheel Named-SMART WORKBut The Journey Is Impossible Without The Fuel Named-SELF CONFIDENCE.

Thoughts of The Day XXXVI

1. Lovely message of the year!!! 'A person who can explain themeaning of Colour to a BLIND...ThatPerson can explain anything in LIFE..

2. An Impressive Thought"You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.And remember the first impression can only give you the 2nd chance".

3. Fr_endsh_p is always incomplete witout 'i' and bea_tif_l is always incomplete witout "u" so always keep I and U 2gether 2 make Our ''frIendshIp beaUtifUl..

4. Every little smile can touch somebody's heart.No one is born happy.But all of us are born with the ability to create happiness.Always be happy..

5. True relations have d most unique character like SALT.Their presence is nevr rememberedBut Their absence makes all the things tasteless.

6. One who love u more will always keep arguing with u.. Its not they startd 2 hate u, its simple...They always want ur love and attention evrytime.

7. Think on -Keep little bit of EGO always in your pockets,so that you can use it when your SELF-RESPECT & SENTIMENTS are being tested by other people...!

8. Those who make U smile thank them. Those who make U Cry Tolerate them. But those who make U smile when tears are in your eyes Trust them.

9. Whenever u feel that u failed, say these Words.,"I AM NOT FAILED, MY SUCCESS JUST POSTPONED"...

10. Success is like a beautifull lover It will leave us at anytime, But Failure is like a mother It will teach us some important lessons of life

11. Every desired thing in life is either.., illegal banned occupied costly unreachable invalid . . or or . . COMMITTED.!!;-)

12. Beautyful lines by a poet on death:-"Bina Libaas Aaye the iss jahaan me..!Bus ek kafan ki khaatir itna safar karna pada..."

13. "True love comes only 1 time with 1 person.If it comes for the second time, it is just a medicine to forget the first love...!!!" :-):->

14. "I TRUST U" is a better compliment than "I LOVE U" because U may not always trust the person U love but u can always love the person U trust.

15. Very Touching Lines: "Har baar Muqaddar ko Dosh dena acchi baat nahi..Kabhi-Kabhi Hum bhi Hadd se Zyada Mang lete hain.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thoughts of The Day XXXV

1. Great line by Abdul Kalam:Im not HANDSOME, But I can give my 'HAND' to'SOME'one who needs help..Beauty is in Heart not in Face.

2. A gud plan of today is better than A great plan of 2mrw. Look backward wid satisfaction & look forward with, confidence, u will succeed :-)

3. Luck is not in your hand , But work is in your hand. Luck never make your work, But wok can make your luck. So, always trust your self.

4. One true thing that will make life easy to live:" the real thing about this world is everyone is selfish, the difference is who is less"

5. To be most Successful in Life:.Always Forget the Problems that You faced in life..But..Never 4get the Lessons that those Problems Taught U.

6. Trst d prsn who cn sense ur sadness in ur smile,hear ur wrds in ur silence,&feel ur luv in ur angercoz dey r indeed ur true mate.

7. Cheat & love but don't love & cheat.Think & love but dont love & think.Break the heart & love but don't Ever love & break the heart!!

8. GREAT LINES:-INTEZAR karne walo ko sirf utna hi milta hai..Jitna KOSHISH karne walon se chhut jata hai.."Ever Try! Never Wait.."

9. All phenomena exist by dependence on other phenomena, which are themselves dependently related to other phenomena and so on. No matter how deeply or far back we search, no phenomenon can ever be found which is fundamental, a first cause, or a thing-in-itself.

10. "If the loser smiles after losing the game,the winner will lose the thrill of his victory."Thats the power of Smile..

11. Luck decides whom you meet in Life..... Your Heart decides whom you want in Life..... But time decides who gets to stay in your life..

12. "our mind is our greatest friend if we control it... But, our mind is our greatest enemy if it controls us.."

13. Person who tries to keep everyone happy and always cares for everyone is always d most lonely person....strange but true...

14. Life is unpredictable:Wen u hv standards,ppl cal it attitude.Wen u r simple,ppl try 2 cheat u.And wen u need love,its the best tym 4 them to play.

15. Always keep hoping for good. As the chinese say.. "Keep a green tree in your heart, the singing bird will surely come..!!"

Thoughts of The Day XXXIV

1. Whenever u r cheatd by ur lovd ones dont get angry on thm.Instead u spread a cute smyl.It givz an incurable pain in their heart....

2. Many people will walk in or out of your life. .But only true friend will leave a footprint in your heart.

3. A lesson taught in IIM:"Start Working To Fulfill Your Dreams, Otherwise Some Day Someone Will Put You In Work To Fulfill His Dreams......

4. Expression of the face could be seen by everyone.But the depression of heart could be understod only by d best one.Don't lose them in ur life.

5. Do not count what u have lost.Just see what u have now.Bcoz past never comes back but sometimes future can give u back ur lost thing

6. No matter hw gud ur intentions are,The world judges you by ur presentation.No matter hw gud ur presentation iz,GOD judges you by ur intention...

7. Tips for better & cute life-
*Take a 10-30 minutes walk daily..!:-)
*Sit in silence 4 at least 10minutes..!:-)
*Go to bed earlier & get more sleep..!:-)
*Spend time wit people over the age of 70 & under the age of 6..!:-)
*Dream more while u r awake..!:-)
*Try to make at least 3 people smile each day..!:-)
* Don compare ur life to others..!:-)
*Forgive everyone 4 everything!:-)
*What other people think of u is none of...

8. Sweetest part in life is to carry all the memories in life. . .But,toughest part is to stay without the person who is behind those memories.

9. Cheat & love but don't love & cheat.Think & love but dont love & think.Break the heart & love but don't Ever love & break the heart!!

10. Possesivnes cums wn dere's a fear of losin d luvd ones..Nt coz dey dont believe in u,it's coz dey dnt trust othrs who may take advantage of Ur sweetness. .

11. A Bird siting on a tree is not afraid of d branch breaking bcoz her trust is NOT on d Branch but on its OWN WINGS! Believe in Yourself & win the World.

12. Lyf is nt abt riding BMW & Mercedes. Its abt 3 frnz on a single bike riding round d city.
Lyf is nt abt 75Rs coffee at COFFE CAFE DAY. Its abt many frnz 2gdr sharing 10Rs dairy milk & still njoying.
Lyf is nt boasting abt a 350Rs mvie ticket.Its abt a few frnz buying 50Rs ticket & wndring IS BAR POPCORN KAUN KHILAYEGA?
Lyf is nt abt eating at evry expensive restaurant.Its abt few frnz,1 stove, late nyt & boiling...

13. Life is like a piano.White keys r happy moments& black keys r sad moments.But remember both keys r played together to give sweet music.Enjoy life.

14. A Very Nice Thought: "Trust is like an Eraser,it gets Smaller after each Mistake....

15. Fallen flowers can't climb back bt if d root is strong u can expect new flowersSo dnt think of d past,jus luv d present & live 4 d future.

Thoughts of The Day XXXIII

1. There is a great difference between worry and concern. A worried person sees a problem and a concerned person solves a problem. So be a concerned person..

2. '' Miss the ONE who is ready to MISS Anything for YOU "

3. 'Amazing but true'..!!The difference between inside & outside the college gate is,we play with life inside and life plays with us outside..!!! :-)

4. Swami Vivekananda said :'Talk to yourself atleast once in aDay.Otherwise you may miss a meeting with an EXCELLENT person in this World'...!!:-)

5. Honesty is a very expensive gift...So don't expect it from everybody because not all are rich by heart..

6. Good looks catch da eyes But good personality catches da heartU r blessed with both!Dnt be xitedIt was sent to mei just wantd2 to share my popularity!

7. You can never forget two faces in your whole life - the one who held your hand in difficult times, and the other who left you alone in difficult time.

8. Whn Snake is alive,Snake eat Ants.Whn Snake dead,Ants eat Snake. Time can turn at any time. Dont neglect any1 in life.

9. Everyone in d world would say, u have changed a lot, But no one in d world wud luk in 2 ur eyes n say, u have compromised a lot

10. If U Regularly Msg Ur Friends,They Won't Reply.But If U Msg Them From New Number,Everyone Will Reply.People Have Time 4 Unknown But Not 4 Known!

11. Nevr leave a true relatn for few faults.Thnk just once nobody is perfct nobody is corrct n at d end affectn is always greatr than perfectn

12. People realise the value of anyone when one dies, rather than wen one is alive...:-(,.,.For example:Live chicken Rs.100, Tandoori Rs.250.

13. History always tells a story:... ... ..... .. ..Thats y...U must alwys clear it b4 ur elders use d computer.:-D

14. ABst lins 4 a relatn:Wen u r hurt by d frnd whom u trust..Do fight wid dem coz thes fights saves a relatn..Bt being quiet leaves nthng in a relation..

15. Feel Tension ? "Think Me"Feel Sad ?" Call Me"Feel Lonely ? "See Me"Feel Sleepy ? "Dream Of Me"My Name is "SELF CONFIDENCE" Never Lose Me..???